It usually takes us 5 minutes to diagnose your problem.

We carry most parts with us.

Elements, Thermostats, PCBs, Sensors, Pumps, etc


We diagnose and repair most faults in the first hour.

We will always try to repair your Pulsacoil on the first visit.

Occasionally we may not have time to complete the full repair of your Pulsacoil.

If possible, in that case, we will leave you with a temporary hot water supply,


Based in Wapping for 40 Years, Wapping Plumbers have been repairing Pulsacoil units for 20 years.

Gledhill used Wapping Plumbers as their Recommended Out of Warranty Engineers,

before they themselves offered a repair service.

Gledhill now offer a repair service here   https://www.gledhill-response.net/

Gledhill are, of course, competent but often have limited availability.

There are many other companies offering a Pulsacoil Repair Service

Many claim to be Pulsacoil specialists, but we would advise caution.

For West London, we recommend Mike the Boilerman and he has some informative websites

  https://www.miketheboilerman.com/gledhill-pulsacoil.html   https://pulsacoil-repairs.co.uk/



Some companies are Plumbers and some are Electricians.

Plumbers don’t like Electrics and Electricians don’t do Plumbing.

Wapping Plumbers  are competent and qualified in both disciplines along with our electronics qualifications.