We have repaired 1000s of Pulsacoils. 

On many occasions we have been called after the client has already paid for an electrician and a plumber and still has no hot water.



The customer wakes up to no hot water.

An electrician is called out, doesnt recognise the Pulsacoil, and tells the client he needs a "plumber."

The plumber does not know how the Pulsacoil works but recognises 2 heating elements.

He does not know how to test these but changes them anyway hoping they are the problem.

The elements were not the problem and there is still no hot water.

Worse still the plumber has fitted cheap elements which will not last a year.


At this stage point the client still has no hot water and is £500 or £600 out of pocket

We have come across this many, many times.

On one occasion the "plumber" had left the elements which he had removed, on site.

We were able to confirm that there was nothing wrong with these elements.

The elements he had unnecessarily fitted were cheap copper.

The client still had no hot water, was £630 worse off and the Pulsacoil was in a worse condition.

This Plumbing Company was very well known with an expensive advertising budget.

We repaired the Pulsacoil in the first hour.

We then guided the client through the small claims court in an action against the company in question.

We had to return in less than 12 months to replace the copper elements which had already failed.


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